Hi there!

I’m Becky B, thank you for visiting my website for B.Scene Photography.

I’m a fantasy artist at heart, but a few years ago (2009) I bought my first DSLR camera and instantly I’d found a new creative outlet that I absolutely loved. In particular I really enjoy creative photography, nature, portrait and events.

Over the years I have had the honor of photographing some weddings, which were such a delight to be part of. As the photographer it’s my duty to capture those personal and special moments between family and friends, which is the most rewarding part.

I’m a self taught photographer and have been learning for about 8 years now. During this time I have won some awards with my photos, including:

  • Canon 1Wall Competition 2012 – Top 10 finalist in July
  • Canon Light Awards 2015 – 2nd place for January’s brief ‘Freedom’. You can see the the image here.
  • Limerence Photo Competition 2012 – 2nd place


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